Thursday, April 28, 2005

That Compassion Gap...

Here's an article in the Forward with an interview of Jan Egeland, the UN head of humaitarian affairs. Says Egeland, "I must say that we collected less money in the past 10 years in Congo than we did in the past 10 weeks for the tsunami..."

On a positive note, the Rwandan Hutu militias in exile in Congo may be going home.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

For REAL blogging...

...check out Carine at, who has been keeping up with Congo news, including an interesting bit about a tenacious forest reserve manager who saved his trees from the fighting. There are people like him everywhere there's crisis, I think, and I met some in Goma: people with total dedication, unswerving devotion to the greater good-- doctors, volcanologists, lawyers... who exercise their professions in the face of unbelievable odds. Truly admirable.

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Those damn internets

I've been delinquent about posting, but I've been busy! Check out a new article up at Campus Progress, which my friend Elana Berkowitz had to strong-arm me to write.

BJ, Nelson and I finished a rough cut of a promotional video for DOCS in time for their board meeting, which we hope they like. Keeping up the momentum, BJ wrote the script for our documentary, which we will begin to work on yesterday already.

Movies: "The Interpreter" will teach you a thing or two about the complicated lives of white African revolutionaries.

Asante sana.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Congo watch has been keeping up with the international community's responses to the Congo crisis... the world's greatest humanitarian emergency, and first International Criminal Court case...

she also links to a new International Rescue Committee blog with Congo stuff...

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Hypnopompic monkey

An NPR report that woke me up the other morning really reassured me, as I emerged from a thick sleep, that I was on the right track in some way by focusing on the Kivus... it was one of the three types of Congo stories in our news: a gorilla story. The other two are war stories and horror stories (similar but slightly different).

Anyway, the film trudges on, here at Joe's...

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