Thursday, December 02, 2004

Scooped again

Apparently it's easier to figure out what's happening in the Congo-Rwanda border region from Johannesburg than from the Congo-Rwanda border region. Oh, my bad, NYT.

I'm working on something for the IHT and the pressure is on. To the wire, to the limit la la laaaaa...

You know I'm loving this. Goma is like a second home now. The blue Pajero gets thumbs up all over town. Yesterday we got stopped by the police... they wanted a ride down the street.

Tonight I'm going to the weekly U.N. security briefing for expats. Will report further. As for the war, it's happening, but Goma is safe, firefight-free and the border is staying open. It's hard to figure out exactly what's going on, to tell you the truth, but we aren't being foolish. A week and a half to go. Peace.

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