Monday, April 25, 2005

Those damn internets

I've been delinquent about posting, but I've been busy! Check out a new article up at Campus Progress, which my friend Elana Berkowitz had to strong-arm me to write.

BJ, Nelson and I finished a rough cut of a promotional video for DOCS in time for their board meeting, which we hope they like. Keeping up the momentum, BJ wrote the script for our documentary, which we will begin to work on yesterday already.

Movies: "The Interpreter" will teach you a thing or two about the complicated lives of white African revolutionaries.

Asante sana.

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At 3:17 AM, Blogger Black River Eagle said...

I noticed and scanned over that article you wrote about the D.R.C. for the Campus Progress website. Bookmarked it for closer study and archiving later on. Good job from what I have read so far.

How are things going with the promotion of your documentary video? Are you planning to offer the documentary to online audiences in the future?


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