Friday, December 10, 2004

It's alright, mama...

To those of you I freaked out with news of yesterday, I apologise. I should have made it clear that everyone here understands white people have nothing to do with what they're fighting about. It's true that, and let me quote Jo again, that bullets don't have your name on them, but as long as you don't go the specific place where people are shooting each other, whether it's down the block or on the other side of town, you have nothing to worry about. That's the number one thing I've learned about small arms warfare while here in Congo.

On the other hand, isn't it good news that colonialism is over? ha ha ya.

The only thing we're worried about is Rwanda closing its border if the conflict heats up. That just means spending another thousand dollars to re-route through Kampala instead of Kigali. Two more days!

It's nice that since it doesn't snow here, students have riot days off instead.

What's sad is that as I'm leaving, I finally have a handle on all the dynamics of this conflict. Anyone who is interested in the details, ask me sometime, but I'll need markers and different colors of paper, and maybe some post-its.

Our final task is to film women in the recovery ward watching a film we took of women in the village singing a song about "thank you, I'm healed" in Kinyarwanda. pomo.

Tonight: final throw-down with peeps from UNICEF and the International Rescue Committee! Jello shots, luge shots, body shots, special african male potency shots, malaria shots, gunshots.

email me now if you want fetish dolls. IF mom wires me that money, hear that, mom? I'm in a war here, hell-oooo?

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At 5:29 AM, Blogger Mr. Tee said...

beer punch non-alcs. pickles lettuce onions peppers cucumber sauce hot sauce hot how hot? whatcanigetforyabuddy?

bring me a gorilla head for my biology class please. and one for my coffee table.


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