Monday, December 13, 2004

Telegraphe Rwandais

The internet is everywhere.

Hrmmm. I just accidentally erased a long post from where I am, a
solar-powered internet cafe on Shyira hill in very rural western Rwanda. We
made it out of Congo and are staying at an Episcopal mission hospital with
the Kings, a Swiss family Robinson of Harvard-eduacated doctors and
tow-headed blond children perched atop one of Rwanda's thousand hills... the
beauty of this place is stupendous. Sinister too, since I'm rereading "We
wish to Inform You..." while sitting here where It happened, only ten years

The hospital, which has no power, serves 150,000 people who come by foot or
mountain ambulance (man-powered) from miles and miles around.

I want to come back to this country. It's completely unreal. The air is
sweet and pure, wildlife abounds, people are walking up and down dirt paths
that wind everywhere around sheer, endless hills where little glades and
waterfalls are separated by starbursts of banana plantations and simple
brick houses. It's the landscape I drew pictures of when I was little.

I tried to do some farrier work on the overgrown hooves of the household
donkeys, and am very tired from it. Mom would have been disapointed.

To Kigali in the morning, Brussels by the next morning. I love you all.


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