Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I made it out of Africa, none the worse for wear... man, is it cold up here.

There were 40 U.S. refugee program refugees on the plane from Nairobi, a perfect counterpoint to the shrieking deportee that was on the plane I took to Kigali three months ago. They had been in camps in Ethiopia and Sudan, some since 1991. And here they were watching I, Robot and eating mini Belgian cheeses on their way to New York slums and Kansas factories, well-behaved children in tow. The way things go nowadays.

I will keep updating this blog about the movie, etc., but for now... a long holiday season to let the paint set. Check back in a little while...

Thanks to all of you who read this, my first attempt at blogging. Sometimes I wondered why I was doing it, but it was really fun (which explains the millions of blogs out there). Maybe I will keep blogging someday, but not until I have something to blog about. Oh something, something to blog abouut...

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