Thursday, January 13, 2005

The whited sepulchre

Apologies for not writing. I can't even write email anymore.

This blog is not dead. Check back here in the next week to see if the IHT publishes my article. Also check for a raft of new photos.

Transition... well, time was compressed in the Congo and it seems like I was there a long time. Nothing has changed here, pleasantly, and I was able to go back to normal routines, minus work. But sometimes I feel steeped in a feverish kind of limbo.

Guns... that night on the dock when I heard my first salvo, how thrilling, then deeply creepy it was. I keep thinking of guns. And contrasts: the light outside is much dimmer in winter and it seems like perpetual twilight here, adding to an abiding sense of strangeness and dislocation.

Stories, pictures... go and see "Hotel Rwanda" as I think they got some things really right.

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At 1:28 AM, Blogger TheMalau said...

I was living in rwanda during the genocide, and YES, they got things quite right! People should go see it, defibitely.


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